The community of Bluefields is building themselves on four pillars:

1. Education for all

2. Food for all

3. Jobs for all

4. Protection of our resources

Ways in which Bluefields is trying to achieve these goals are:

-harvesting and maintaining farms

-improving schools

-promoting more entrepreneurial ideas so that more jobs may be available

-Having the fish sanctuary and protecting the bay.

Bryan’s Farm

This farm produces crops such as: sorrel, pineapple, avocado, ackee and etc. It is owned by a man named Bryan.


A sweetsop tree


A pineapple plant


Avocados on tree



The land is owned by the government but it still can be used. Bryan doesn’t use pesticides or artificial fertilizers. He uses natural fertilizer which he makes using a compost pile.

Compost Pile

Compost pile on the farm

Produce from the farm are sold at the local market and supplies the people who live in the community and those who visit. Bryan, along with being a farmer, is the president of the Organic Farm Association in Bluefields. Logwood can also be found in the area of the farm although it is not produced on it. Lodwood came to Jamaica from Honduras and was used to make dye. The heart of the tree is red; to retrieve the red pigment, the heart needs to be boiled. Bluefields also hosts an annual sorrel festival. It is set to be held on December 19, 2014.



Here is a link to a video showing the sorrel fully grown on Bryan’s Farm:


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