Bluefields has always been a place of visitation; from the 1600s. Various people have come to Bluefields during that time and built numerous Great Houses. These houses exist today along with villas. These villas house both locals and tourists but mostly tourists. The Bluefields Seaside Villas are owned by a family in Washington. The following villas can be found in Bluefields:

1. San Michele

2. Mullion Cove

3. The Hermitage

4. Cottonwood Cottage


One of the Bluefields Villas


Another Bluefields Villa

The great houses are either owned by family members of the original owners or the government.

Bluefields aims to become a place of hospitality. Bringing in foreign exchange can help in the development of the community and bring exposure to help solve some of their development issues.

A video link to show the villas of Bluefields:


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