Bluefields was a common destination for people like Abraham Blauvelt who Bluefields was actually named after.


Abraham Blauvelt

He was a Dutch pirate who visited the area frequently for over 300 years.


A full portrait of Abraham Blauvelt

He would use the area to careen and repair his vessels while hiding from British patrol warships. Spaniards and slave ships also frequented this area. Between 1662 and 1719, the British made 16 land grants and started developing the area into plantations between 1700 and 1838.

Henry Morgan also visited Bluefields Bay in 1670. He used the bay as a gathering place for his trip back to Panama in January 1671. He returned to Jamaica in 1674 after being knighted by Charles II and appointed Lieutenant Governer of the Island.


A portrait of Henry Morgan

Captain Bligh, famous for Mutiny on the Bounty (mutiny is a criminal conspiracy and Bounty is a small merchant vessel bought by the Royal Navy for a botanical mission. During his visit, he planted the first breadfruit tree in Bath, St. Thomas.

A portrait of Captain William Bligh.

A portrait of Captain William Bligh.


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